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2Screen Labs helps brands and broadcasters explore and create second screen projects

2Screen Labs helps you experiment with second screen apps. We’ll quickly prototype apps allowing you to better understand the audience interactions and motivations at the heart of your project.

And when you decide to take your app to the public, 2Screen Labs has the technical clout to build a real-world version of the app ready to scale to millions of concurrent users.

How Labs Works

Flexible, lightweight prototyping

2Screen interactions quickly get complex. Great software is simple. Our methodology bridges that gap. 2Screen Labs help you explore your idea, often by building a series of quick prototypes, either in paper or code, that test the core functionality.


2Screen Labs uses the Agile approach. If we develop something in code, we don’t spend weeks documenting what we intend to build. Instead we get working code into your hands quickly, then explore how it works and where it needs to be improved.


Lean thinking means we focus on creating a Minimum Viable Product. That’s the simplest thing that will allow us to test the key assumptions.


We were inspired by Matt Locke’s talk on attention shapes at 2Screen 2010. As we prototype ideas, we assume that the TV is the primary experience. The second screen experience needs to be considerate.

Social at heart

Sometimes it makes sense for a second screen app to live on top of Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes it is better to stand alone. We’re comfortable with both approaches. As we prototype and test your idea, we’ll collaboratively discover what makes sense in your situation.

Scalable technology

Our software development team have worked on massive web projects with tens of millions of users and on high-resilience trading systems. When your app hits primetime, the backing of Mint’s technical expertise lets you sleep easy.


The talent behind 2Screen Labs is our greatest asset. Our team of developers, designers and creative strategists in London and New York have great experience in creating innovative social projects using TV and the web.

Track Record

2Screen projects

  • Live Pitch

    Live Pitch Screenshot
    “A must have for any football fan, provides an entirely new way to experience football”

    The Guardian

  • Picklive

    Picklive Screenshot
    “A whole new realm of entertainment”


Web/TV projects

  • Sexperience

    Sexperience Screenshot
    “Sexperience has 6,000% higher monthly traffic than the official government site in this area”

    Adam Gee, Channel 4

  • Islandoo

    Islandoo Screenshot
    “An internet phenomenon”

    The Independent

Next Steps

Give us a problem to solve.

To arrange an informal chat, contact: andy@2-screen.com or +44(0)20 7840 0889